Letter — In support of clean energy

Published 11:16 am Friday, April 15, 2022

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To the Editor:

Over the past few months, solar energy has received quite a bit of attention in this paper and in the minds of many Lunenburg residents. Like anything new to our rural landscape, solar development brings with it many questions. I will be the first to say that developers and energy companies are not the best at communicating with communities and leaders, although this is maybe the most important aspect of siting a project.

At Conservatives for Clean Energy and the Virginia Land & Liberty Coalition, we work to encourage Virginia toward an all-of-the above approach to energy generation and educate Virginians on the facts and fictions of clean energy. At a time when energy security is top of mind both geopolitically and with the rising costs of gasoline and natural gas powering our grid, Virginians are right to support diversifying our energy portfolio with energy projects right in our own communities. Much like oil flats and coal fields are common sights and incredibly important economic drivers in some parts of our country, solar projects here will power local homes with Virginia sunlight while creating income for landowners and delivering tax revenue for the county.

When done right, solar projects are silent, harmless neighbors and many residents forget they were ever constructed in the first place. It is up to the county to work with landowners and developers to decide the shape and size of projects and hold all parties accountable to their word. But with lies and misrepresentations about solar projects flying constantly, it is often hard for communities to get a solid grasp of the facts. For those interested in learning more about clean energy and the Virginia Land & Liberty Coalition, please like us on Facebook, check us out at LandAndLibertyVA.com, or shoot me an email at szunk@landandlibertycoalition.com.

Skyler Zunk