His thoughts — Doing the wrong thing

Published 12:00 pm Friday, April 22, 2022

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Every time that the news is bad for President Biden, like clockwork, expect him to try to re-focus the public’s attention away from his most recent problem. Recently, he has been trying to blame our horrible inflation on Putin and Russia. The media quickly pointed out that the price of gasoline and groceries had gone up long before the war started. In fact, last summer and fall he was blaming the “supply chain” for the exact same problem. In each case, he is trying to avoid anyone from focusing on real problems such as those earning too much money for not working rather than get a job.


He tries to blame the energy producers for the rising prices of gasoline and heating oil, as if his heavy-handed blocking of the Keystone Pipeline and bureaucratic regulations were not the root of the problem. His administration is so isolated from the free enterprise system that they cannot comprehend that when crude oil supplies were reduced, the law of supply and demand drove up prices. Our energy prices and every product used in their production has skyrocketed. He tried accusing producers of not using all the federal leases they had already bought. Ignoring the fact that some were older wells that were near the end of their ability to produce. The President recently did add some additional territory which could be explored, but he increased the government fees. These will be passed on to consumers. Meanwhile, he and his minions are trying to tie the increases in gasoline prices to greed by the oil companies. He does not seem to understand why companies would be reluctant to spend money on expensive new equipment understanding that, by regulations, he could close wells down regardless of that investment.

Biden had his Secretary of Transportation say the solution was simple, everyone could just buy electric cars. Both are so out of touch that they do not understand that most families cannot afford a new, much more expensive car. Neither understand that most of rural America lack fueling stations to recharge electric vehicles.


If things are really going bad, like now, the President always can be counted on to rail against your constitutional right to own and carry a weapon. This week, he held a press conference deriding what he calls “ghost guns”. He calls them “ghost guns” to make them sound more sinister. These are guns that are made from the components bought separately. He implied that such guns are responsible for much of the violence on our streets. In fact, rarely do criminals go to the trouble of making them; this is usually a gun collector’s pastime.

Biden has flailed in the past against “assault rifles” as not needed for hunting. He has questioned why people believe they need to be armed. The Ukrainian people would disagree. He does not understand that crimes are usually committed against those who are not able to defend themselves. They prey on the weakest and least likely or will not defend themselves. For example, Walgreens has established a policy that employees are not allowed to stop thieves. Therefore, criminals are simply walking into stores and emptying shelves of targeted products.

When President Biden and his fellow travelers speak about needless deaths that occur in our streets and demand that some action take place, they never propose that the action needed should start in the home. When respect is taught and expected at home, there would not be as much violence in our streets. How often do they blame guns while ignoring gangs and, in some areas, the reluctance of some to keep criminals away from the good people that are taking care of their families and their businesses?

President Biden either has no idea what is going on around him or he is so indebted to the fringe members of his own party that he will not honestly address the problems and obvious solutions to those problems.

The reality is that his lengthy career in politics has always been one of getting along to get ahead. Facts and the truth have never been his redeeming factor. It is sad that, now in his twilight years, he is unwilling to step up for truth and honesty.

Frank Ruff Jr. represents Lunenburg in the state Senate. His email address is Sen.Ruff@verizon.net.