His thoughts — Let’s get ready to rumble

Published 3:34 pm Sunday, May 1, 2022

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The Reconvened Session on April 27 is likely to be a lengthy session given the number of actions taken by Governor Youngkin. Governor Youngkin has sent down more than 100 amendments and vetoed 26 bills.

During the veto session, the General Assembly votes to accept or reject amendments made by the Governor to bills that passed during the regular session and override any vetoes he made.

Wednesday will be a long day, but neither the budget nor the gas tax holiday will be on the agenda. Those are items that remain to be addressed during the upcoming special session.

Most of the Governor’s amendments are technical, many merely offering minor fixes or clarifications requested by executive agencies.

He added emergency clauses to a few Republican bills and reenactment clauses to 10 other bills, overwhelmingly those sponsored by Democrats.

Governor Youngkin has been pro-active by making sure all legislation signed is best for our Commonwealth. I look forward to returning to work with him so we can fight for conservative values to better all Virginians.

A Pro-Life Virginia?

Republicans promised a new day in Virginia. New days mean new changes.

The Governor has offered amendments to SB-163 which provide that any provision of a surrogacy contract requiring an abortion or selective reduction is against the public policy of the Commonwealth and is void and unenforceable. I support the Governors amendments.

This bill will hopefully be the first of many pro-life bills passed by the Virginia General Assembly.

This legislation has been signed by both the Speaker of the House and President of the Senate.

Republicans were sent to Richmond to turn Virginia around. I have supported and voted for legislation dealing with tax cuts, protecting our Second Amendment and God given rights, and all pro-life legislation.

I’m thankful to see Virginia getting back on track.

While in Richmond, I have always supported pro-life legislation. Protecting the unborn has been a promise I made and kept to my constituents in the 61st House District.

Safe Schools:

Another hot topic that will emerge in the upcoming Special Session is HB 4.

Republicans introduced HB 4 which requires that school principals report to law enforcement certain enumerated acts that may constitute a misdemeanor offense and report to the parents of any minor student who is the specific object of such act that the incident has been reported to law enforcement.

Under current law, principals are required to make such reports only for such acts that may constitute a felony offense.

Outraged parents became news around the country, and we saw firsthand how neglected parents were treated by this abuse from elected Loudoun County School Board Members.

So, what did the parents do about it? They voted.

We were sent to Richmond because Republicans, including myself, believe that parents should have a say in their children’s education.

Inappropriate behavior toward any other student should not be covered up or tolerated. What happened in Loudoun County was completely unacceptable.

While representing my constituents in the 61st district, I have promised to support and vote for conservative values. One promise I will continue to work for is making Virginia the best place to worship, live, work and raise a family. Virginia is open for business.

Del. Tommy Wright can be reached via email at DelTWright@House.Virginia.gov or (804) 698-1061.