The Word — Live for others

Published 10:00 am Sunday, May 15, 2022

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Colonel James “Jim” Irwin was a former astronaut who was part of the crew that made a successful moon walk in 1971. He often spoke of the thrill connected with leaving this planet and seeing it shrink in size.

While watching earth rise one day in space, he realized just how privileged he was to be a member of that unique crew of Apollo 15. While on the way back to earth, he thought about the way many would consider him a “superstar,” and how he was about to become an international celebrity. But his relationship with God would not allow any of this to go to his head. Listen to the humility he expressed: “As I was returning to earth, I realized that I was a servant – not a celebrity. So I am here as God’s servant on planet Earth to share what I have experienced that others might know the glory of God.”

That basic motto would help all of us Christ followers: I am a servant, not a celebrity. Like Jesus, I am here to serve, not to be served. James Irwin also said, “God walking on the earth is more important than me walking on the moon.”

Can I get real with y’all? Now, what I’m about to say might hurt some feelings, but it is needing to be told. You aren’t Gods gift to mankind.

Shew, that was harsh, wasn’t it?! Have you ever met a person who acts as if they’re Gods gift? Well, that person was Jesus, and you/they ain’t Him!

Some folks may act as if they wish to serve God… but it comes across that they only wish to serve Him in an advisory capacity.

Maybe you have heard this story before:

During the American Revolution a man in civilian clothes rode past a group of soldiers repairing a small defensive barrier. Their leader was shouting instructions, but making no attempt to help them. Asked why by the rider, he retorted with great dignity, “Sir, I am a corporal!” The stranger apologized, dismounted, and proceeded to help the exhausted soldiers.

The job done, he turned to the corporal and said, “Mr. Corporal, next time you have a job like this and not enough men to do it, go to your commander in chief, and I will come and help you again.” It was none other than George Washington (Today in the Word, March 6, 1991.)

When founder of the Salvation Army, William Booth was asked to speak at a convention, his poor health and weakness kept him from attending so he messaged his speech to them — one word: “Others.” Oh, that we would all learn to live for others.

Rev. J. Cameron Bailey is pastor of Kenbridge Christian Church. He can be reached at jamescameronbailey@gmail. com.