Letter to the Editor — Court, Republicans move to take away rights

Published 12:15 pm Thursday, June 30, 2022

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To the Editor:

Our democracy is a house of cards, and Republicans have pulled the second freedom card out. The first was their U.S. Supreme Court appointments. Pay attention. This house is going to crash because Republicans say they are fighting for our freedoms as they take them away, one card at a time.

We still have a right to privacy — right to personal autonomy — though and must continue to fight for this right in our respective states. The Supreme Court has previously found that the first, third, fourth, fifth, ninth, and 14th amendments imply Constitutional privacy rights. Specifically, the 14th amendment “prohibits states from making laws that infringe upon the personal autonomy protections provided for in the first 13 amendments. Prior to the 14th Amendment, a state could make laws that violated freedom of speech, religion, etc.” (https://www.findlaw.com/injury/torts-and-personal-injuries/is-there-a-right-to-privacy-amendment.html). However, there is nothing stopping this Supreme Court from overturning that finding as well.

Additionally, the ninth amendment states, “The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” The people retain the inherent right to make their own healthcare, marriage, and other personal decisions. The states cannot infringe on these personal autonomy rights.

There is nothing stopping this Supreme Court or Republican-led legislatures from infringing on our personal autonomy rights except to elect Democrats and expand the bench. Elections have consequences. Supreme Court rulings affect you, too, either directly or indirectly. If you continue to elect Republicans, you will lose the freedom to make more of your own decisions. You will lose your personal autonomy. Is that what you want?

Trudy Berry

Green Bay