Beware of door-to-door sales scams

Published 10:00 am Friday, July 8, 2022

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Summer is officially here, which means door-to-door sales crews are too. But buyer beware, what they’re selling isn’t always legit.

Be cautious anytime a stranger comes knocking, especially if the visitor is trying to sell goods or services. Be wary of contractors who say they stopped by because they just happened to be in the neighborhood. Be on guard for high pressure tactics designed to pressure a person to make a quick decision or requests for payment upfront. The best bet is to proactively seek out the services that one needs. Remember, it’s always okay to explain that at this home, business is not conducted at the front door (or to not answer when strangers knock).

Visit the AARP Fraud Watch Network at fraudwatchnetwork or call the AARP Fraud Watch Helpline at 1-877-908-3360.