A box of love — Jesus has the last word

Published 9:00 am Sunday, July 10, 2022

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For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. (1 Timothy 1:7)

Have you ever made plans, and everything was canceled? I had a list of the things I had planned that was going to keep me busy from June until September. Whenever someone asks what I am doing for the summer I would say I’m going blah, blah, blah…but never would I say if God is willing.

I was supposed to go to Florida in June for an opera. In July my plans were to spend a few weeks in Virginia and in August I was going to do my summer finale with a huge birthday celebration in Florida. All of my plans from June until September have been canceled due to illness because guess what, Jesus has the Last Word. Thank You, Jesus.

How did all of this start? I had a doctor’s appointment and he said he would start with the good news and then the bad news. Alright Doc, hit me with the good news. He said the stitches in my legs are getting weaker and need to be repaired but we don’t have to do them immediately. I’m not really sure if that was good news, but OK. I said I’m going away in July and will be gone until September. Can we do it earlier? He responded that we could do it the following Tuesday. I guess it was good news because it was not going to stop my summer excursions.

Next, we went to see my primary doctor and had a blood test and an MRI. Before we reached home, the doctor called my daughter and said the procedure was canceled for Tuesday, so I must be careful and make no quick movements. Because of that, I cannot ride a car, train, or plane and that means I cannot go on vacation.

I was afraid to tell my sisters, but they took it well. Beulah said, don’t worry if you can’t come to see me, I will come to you. Daisy said don’t worry, Jesus is in control. My children and my husband know that Jesus is in control and know that we are a strong-knit family and can face anything that comes our way. So even though everything may have changed for the moment, I still give Jesus the thanks, the honor and the glory because no matter what, he is truly worthy to be praised.

Thank you Jesus for your love and protection. I don’t know why and how this happened, but I know that Jesus sees and knows all things — and he never makes mistakes. This could be a way to make me take time, listen and say, “If God is willing. Jesus, whatever happens, I love and trust you. One thing above all else is that you are a loving God and Father. Jesus, I give you the highest praises.” Please let’s give Jesus the highest praises for his goodness and mercy.

“I am the Lord; that is my name and my glory will I not give to another; neither my praises to graven images.” (Isaiah 42:8). Jesus wants us to realize that he is the only God and wants all of our praises. “Jesus is a jealous God and wants us to praise only him.” (Exodus 20:1-7)

Be blessed in Jesus’ name.

Mary Simmons is a columnist for The Kenbridge-Victoria Dispatch. She can be reached at aboxoflove37@gmail.com.