The Word — Make the decision on what is most important

Published 10:07 am Saturday, July 30, 2022

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What’s of most importance to you? Have you ever noticed that whatever is of most importance to us, we make time for? If something was really important, we would make it a priority. If I really wanted to help you, I would.

If I really wanted to be there, I’d do my best to be there. So, allow me to ask again: What’s of most importance to you?

When he was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1984, Harmon Killebrew said, “My father used to play with my brother and me in the yard.

Mother would come out and say, ‘You’re tearing up the grass’; ‘We’re not raising grass,’ Dad would reply. ‘We’re raising boys.’”

What’s of most importance to you? If we claim to love God and desire to live with him forever…are our actions, our time management, our words, our deeds, our lives and loves showing how important he is?

Aug. 1 is my 20th anniversary at Kenbridge Christian. This past April was my 25th year in ministry as a whole, having served as a youth minister for a little more than five years before heading back to Southside Virginia.

Would you like to know something from the heart of a minister? You are what’s important to me (Awe…sweet, ain’t I?) Did you know that your attendance in church services on Sunday mornings gives your pastor another level of confidence? Empty seats affect your pastors psyche, morale and energy level. There’s so much power in unity.

When you miss services, it not only affects your personal growth and depth, it also affects your minister. They begin to wonder if they are needed; did they do something wrong; did they cause an issue; are they no longer reaching; are they no longer effective, etc. You matter to the life and ministry of your church family. If the church is growing it’s because you are inviting folks and coming and being active.

So, what’s of most importance to you? Are you making worship a priority? Are you caring for the mental, emotional, spiritual well being of the pastor(s) who are trying their best to take care of not only you, but the entire congregation and communities mental, emotional, spiritual well being? Have you got children? Are you more worried about the grass they might be tearing up, or raising them to be good people? Are you more concerned with being their friend or being their leader and mentor?

Allow me to ask just one more time: What’s of most importance to you?

Lord, may we make life in You our top priority. Use me to be the good needed. In Jesus name, amen.

Rev. J. Cameron Bailey is pastor of Kenbridge Christian Church. He can be reached at