The Word — Children, take pride in your grandparents

Published 9:30 am Sunday, September 18, 2022

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“Grandchildren are the crown of the elderly, and the pride of children is their fathers (Proverbs 17:6, CSB).”

The Message renders this verse: “Old people are distinguished by grandchildren; children take pride in their parents.” I miss my grandparents. I was a blessed young man who was able to sit and watch The Lawrence Welk Show with my mom’s dad and hear him sing bass at family get-togethers and take me to feed dogs and hear story after story.

After I graduated from College, I was given my Papa’s Bible. Every day after lunch, he would sit and read in his chair. He underlined passages, making it personal by writing his name over spots such as you/me/I/ etc. My Nanny (dad’s mom) was the best cook to ever live. Her poundcake was so delicious, her ambrosia, hams, fried biscuits, WOO… my mouth is watering just remembering. While most folks will hum, sing, or whistle…she “do-do’d” songs as we rode together. I miss them all so much.

This past Sunday, the 11th, was Grandparents Day. Instead of allowing my heart to be filled with sadness, remembering what occurred 21 years ago or remembering how I haven’t had any grandparents for many, many years now…I was filled with joy and pride. I love how the opening verse to this week’s devotion reminds us to take pride in our parents and even in our parents’ parents. It does my heart so much good to see and hear grandparents smile and show off pictures or tell funny things their grandchildren have done.

I love seeing ballparks filled with grandparents cheering their grandchildren on in sports, or going to watch them play in the band, sing in that choir, perform in that play, dance in that show. I heard a long time ago that parents can raise their children and spoil their grandchildren or they can spoil their children and raise their grandchildren.

There’s some truth to this…and I can’t wait to spoil (actually…I can haha). I pray I’ve done well. I pray I live the legacy of being a good person, a biblical man, a great cook, clearly from what I was shown. I pray my words are loving and my actions are matching. I pray the example set by my grandparents, mirrored by my parents, can be seen and heard through me.

Most of all, I pray I can echo the apostle Paul as he told the Corinthians “follow me as I follow Christ”. You see, my grandparents were mighty good people. But what I remember most is Christ living through them. Oh how I pray my family can say the same of me.

Rev. J. Cameron Bailey is pastor of Kenbridge Christian Church. He can be reached at