A Box of Love — The bowling alley

Published 9:30 am Sunday, October 30, 2022

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Every morning when I wake up, I thank Jesus for all the good things that may be coming my way today. I always ask Jesus to send someone into my life so that we may have a meaningful conversation and bring cheer to each other. Tuesday night, I was at the bowling alley with my son when a woman approached and began to speak. She asked me how long did it take me to become a pro? I looked at her and laughed because I was not a pro. I’m unsure whether she was being polite or just trying to start a conversation, but the question amused me. I smiled and told her I was no pro; I just loved bowling.

We engaged in a conversation, and it was my turn to bowl. I was sitting down, and my son reached out his hand to help me up. Before I could take his hand, the lady held her hand to assist. I took her hand, and she pulled me up. I didn’t need help, but I took it since she put her hand out. After I stood up, she said, “I’m 92 years old, and this is my first time in a bowling alley.” I said to myself, Oh Lord, please don’t tell me I was helped up by a 92-year-old woman who did not look anywhere near 92. She looked so young and healthy that I thought she was in her early seventies.

I straightened my back to look stronger; I wanted to show her I was young and healthy. She knew what I was doing and started laughing. I laughed, too, and sashayed to the lane where I threw a strike. She clapped and cheered for me. We sat together and chatted for a while, and she watched me bowl. We talked for around an hour, and her grandson came over and said it was time to go. She came there with her family to watch the game but ended up spending time with me. We exchanged numbers, and I told her I hoped she would come back soon and maybe we can bowl together. She smiled and said she would like that.

I had a wonderful time meeting a new friend. I believe Jesus sent her to me so we could enjoy each other’s company and provide words of cheer and encouragement. Thank You, Jesus, for the special gift of gaining a new friend; you are wonderful!

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as you are doing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Be blessed in Jesus’ name.

Mary Simmons is a columnist for The Kenbridge-Victoria Dispatch. She can be reached at aboxoflove37@gmail.com.