His thoughts — Keep those heads up, my fellow Republicans

Published 12:00 pm Friday, November 18, 2022

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There’s no question, the midterm elections did not go the way we thought they would. Many close races broke toward Democrats. Nonetheless, Republicans are back on track to take the House of Representatives.

Despite media assertions to the contrary, Republicans had a pretty good night on Tuesday. It wasn’t the massive blowout we had hoped for, but it does appear to have flipped the House of Representatives red.

Here in Virginia, we flipped one Congressional seat in Hampton Roads, and came tantalizingly close to flipping two in Northern Virginia. While votes are still being counted, it appears that voters have rewarded candidates who shied away from the far edges of both parties.

Meanwhile, it’s important to remember that the same things that weakened Democrats at the federal level are even stronger at the state level.

Democrats are the party that kept schools closed. Democrats are the party that let schools keep secrets from parents. Democrats are the party that thinks it’s OK for biological males to use the girls’ locker room. Democrats are the party that have fought new oil and gas production while prices go sky high. Democrats are the party that have defunded the police, opened the prison doors, and done away with cash bail to let criminals back out as soon as they’re arrested.

Democrats are the party that has spent trillions we don’t have and made inflation go through the roof. Democrats for their part seem determined to learn nothing from their failures over the past two years.

Asked what he would do differently now that 75 percent of Americans think the nation is on the wrong track, President Biden said “nothing”. That’s not an attitude that bodes well for any Democrat heading into 2023 or 2024.

I am committed to making sure Virginia continues to move forward and be the best place to live, work, worship, and raise a family. I am thankful for the trust you have placed in me to be a voice for our district here in Richmond.

Del. Tommy Wright can be reached via email at DelTWright@House.Virginia.gov or (804) 698-1061.