Treasures on the Shelves — Spread kindness like confetti

Published 4:40 pm Friday, November 18, 2022

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We have many special days in the month of November, including Election Day, Veteran’s Day, World Kindness Day, and Thanksgiving. We also celebrate Picture Book Month. The local libraries in Kenbridge and Victoria have many wonderful picture books. Picture books can be both fiction and non-fiction.

Our young patrons are encouraged to check out both. Non-fiction picture books can boost a child’s knowledge of real life and reinforce topics studied in the classroom. Fiction picture books offer entertainment on a variety of fictionalized and fictional characters. If you would like to know more, visit

November is a giving month in which we all give thanks for the blessings we have, including family and friends , our health, and our homes. One very special day also celebrated in November is World Kindness Month. Kindness starts at home. We encourage children and adults to do something kind for someone else such as cards, notes, time together, and just sharing moments and memories are very important. Hugs are free and greatly appreciated. Although on the calendar, World Kindness was November 13, 2022, we can make every day kindness day.

Recognizing and celebrating these special days makes us think about how fortunate we are. We have the right to vote in a free and fair election. A privilege we should not take for granted. On Veterans Day, we get the honor of thanking our military members for serving our country in war and peace time. And we all give a hardy round of thanks on Thanksgiving Day. We thank God for our food at the table and also for all the good things in our lives on that day. I hope you will check out a few of children’s picture books that address these special days. Enjoy.

Look for these books in the library : Election Day: Duck for President by Doreen Cronin, Veteran’s Day: Celebration: the Story of American holidays, World Kindness Day: The Kindness Quilt, Nancy Wallace, The Best Kind of Gift, Kathi Appelt, and Each Kindness, Jacqueline Woodson, Thanksgiving: The Night Before Thanksgiving, Natasha Wing, The Thanksgiving Door, Debby Atwell, Cold Turkey, Corey Rosen Schwartz and Kirsti Call, and The Perfect Thanksgiving, Eileen Spinelli.

Spread kindness like confetti, be thankful, and read.

Connie Krupa is the children’s program coordinator for the Lunenburg County Public Library System. She can be reached at