The Word — We have a ton to be thankful for

Published 9:00 am Thursday, November 24, 2022

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Thessalonians 5:16-18 says: “Rejoice always, pray constantly, give thanks in everything; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

Thanksgiving is this week and we have a ton to be thankful for! The old hymn, Count Your Blessings, gives a challenge I’m not sure we take full advantage of. Have you ever stopped to try and count your blessings? Name and thank God for each individual person who has and who does mean so much to you. Have a roof over your head, indoor plumbing, heat, clothing, shoes? Do you have a tv or radio, computer or cell phone? How about food items and clean water to drink? Have you laughed within the past week? Are you reading this devotion?! See… there’s so much to be thankful for. If you went through your day and counted each and every little thing, you’d be praising God non-stop, wouldn’t you?

Don’t believe this? Try it and see.

I think we have lost our gratitude attitude. Let’s imagine something real quick and see…

You sit down for the big family meal. Everyone you want to be there is there! You’re laughing and having a great time. Think of those past dinners.

What food item(s) do you look forward to the most? You know, that item that makes your mouth water right now as you think about it. Now…the food is all brought out…and…it ain’t there! The one dish you really wanted isn’t there. Do you immediately grumble? Or do you simply go, “shoot. Oh well…look at all this other food!” Yeah, me too. I’d be ticked. I mean you have got to have delicious Mac-n-Cheese, am I right?! I saw someone post on social media that whoever makes the Mac-n-Cheese needs to be cleared ahead of time with samples and references for approval hahaha.

Have you ever read the story from Luke 17 of the 10 lepers healed by Jesus? 10 folks were healed and yet only one came back to say thank you.

Have you ever helped someone and didn’t receive any form of thanks? It hurts your heart a little, doesn’t it? A little gratitude can go a long way! What will it take to gain this attitude of gratitude again as a people?

It’s been said that thinking leads to thanking. Maybe we need to change how we think. Have you counted your blessings yet? Named them one by one? We need to be mindful and humble. Thank you for reading these devotions as we strive to grow together. Imagine how different life would be if we all gained this attitude of gratitude.

Rev. J. Cameron Bailey is pastor of Kenbridge Christian Church. He can be reached at