Lunenburg County Property Transfers

Published 10:00 am Thursday, December 1, 2022

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Following are the property transfers recorded in the Lunenburg County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of July. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Marvin F. Alder to Ann G. Alder. Deed Gift.

• Christopher John Blanchard to Ignacy Podolecki, 2.50 AC, Rehoboth District. $119,000.

• Annice C. Crandall to Lunenburg Investment Company, 20 AC, Lewiston District. $229,000.

• Amber D. Davis to Johnathan Sweitzer, 2 AC, Browns Store District. $14,750.

• Barbara W. Davis to Michael Joseph Ross Jr., 25 . AC, Browns Store District. $300,000.

• Rosa L. Davis to Linda Boswell. Deed Gift.

• Christopher Earls to Killian D. Sykes, Lot 5 & 6, Town of Victoria. $157,250.

• James W. Elliott to Mason S. Reese, 9.382 AC, Plymouth. $21,800.

• Kevin W. Gosney to Norman H. Taylor, 1.5 AC, Rehoboth District. $185,000.

• Donna L. Hancock to Mackenzie O’Connell, LLC, 5 AC, Lochleven District. $16,500.

• Edith Parham Harris to George I, Tanner, 2 AC, Lochleven District. $240,000.

• Mary N. Haskins to Annie Elam. Deed Gift.

• Mary N. Haskins to Christopher Watson. Deed Gift.

• Mark A. Johnson to Thomas Townsend, 7.201 AC, Lewiston District. $165,000.

• George Layton to Kevin W. Gosney, 29.8 AC, Rehoboth District. $375,000.

• Mark A. Letterman to Bank of New York Mellon. $96,850.

• Matthew B. Madison to Marcus L. Walker, 2 AC, Lewiston District. $145,000.

• Maynard Mangum III to Franklin D. Warren. Deed Gift.

• Thomas F. Marker to Broad Street Lofts and Fitness, Lot, Town of Kenbridge. $160,000.

• Claude N. McKinney to Andy Southall, Parcel, Victoria. $66,800.

• Lillian J. Morton to James Johnson Jr. Deed Gift.

• Stephanie M. Newby to Robert Watlington, Parcel, Lewiston. $80,000.

• Montie B. Nichols to Eric W. Garris, 5 00/100 AC, Rehoboth District. $73,000.

• James J. Roberts to Strebor Farms, LLC, 2 Parcels, Grove Mag District. $.00.

• Mark L. Rose to Tommy Wallace, .43 AC, Plymouth District. $15,000.

• Robert V. Schans to Michelle T. Pletch, Parcel containing 28.5 AC. $349,900.

• Lawrence Wade Stimpson Jr. to Robert Fox, Parcel, Pleasant Grove District. $349,900.

• Paula K. Watlington to Christopher D. Walker, 35.7 AC, Rehoboth District. $54,000.

• Robert W. Williams Jr. to Jeremy L. Sims, 3.322 AC, Lochleven District. $199,000.

• Your Land Site LLC to Timothy Scott Hankley, Lot, 16.8 AC, Lochleven District. $32,000.