Lunenburg County Property Transfers for October 2022

Published 9:00 am Thursday, December 8, 2022

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The following are Lunenburg County property transfers. These were recorded in the Lunenburg County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of October. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Justin W. Beagle to Charles Harris, 4.39 AC, Browns Store District. $269,000.

• Dorothy Mae Bell to Catherine B. Freeman. Deed Gift.

•John M. Boswell to Grant Logan Foley. $49,500.

• Phyllis Helen Buchanan to Walker Thomas Newcomb. $102,000.

• Thomas E. Chumney to Clark Davis Boyd, 3.002 AC, Columbia Grove District. $13,500.

• Peggy A. Cliborne to Michael E. Cliborne, 1.629 AC, Pleasant Grove District. $5,000.

• Earl J. Gee to Earl J. Gee. Deed Gift.

• Josephine J. Ghee to Earl J. Gee, 5 AC, Lewiston District. $23,000.

• Tomas Gonzalez to Leigh Anna Declemente, 39.68 AC, Pleasant Grove District. $480,000.

• Jason L. Gory to Justine M. Gordy, 10 AC > or <, Rehoboth District. $270,000.

• Dorothy M. Graves to Spear Mountain Investments LLC, 4 AC > or <, Browns Store District. $13,500.

• Gloria J. Hales to Jamie B. Krotzer, 10.68 AC, Lochleven District. $182,500.

• Richard W. Harris to Ty Allen Dunbar, 11.523 AC, Browns Store District. $28,000.

• Richard W. Harris to James Jason Lacks, 10.75 AC, Browns Store District. $27,000.

• Richard W. Harris to Kenneth L. Smith, 10 AC, Browns Store District. $28,000.

• Dathryn Lynn Hite to Raymond E. Hite Jr. Deed Gift.

• David L. Hite to James M. Knott, Numerous parcels, Rehoboth District. $29,400.

• Ozie C. Jackson to Tyra W. Jackson. Deed Gift.

• William N. Jordan to Lora P. Barbour. $55,000.

• Charlie A. Lee to Mar Tani N. Hurt. Deed Gift.

More Lunenburg County property transfers

• Jerry P. Mason to Brandon Joseph Weatherford, 10.1 AC, Pleasant Grove District. $35,000.

• Russell D. McGuire to Lisa M. Novak, 9.85 AC, Pleasant Grove District. $30,000.

• Mostafa Mohamed to Allison B. Crawford, Lot, Town of Victoria. $123,000.

• Dyphana R. Neblett to Shantrice W. Nelson. Deed Gift.

• Sue O. Penland to Danelle G. Clark, 2.12 AC, Lochleven District. $80,000.

• Rat Rod Properties LLC to Christopher Martin, Parcels, Kenbridge. $375,000.

• Rex VA 32 LLC to Read Family Farm LLC. $334,100.

• William L. Reynolds to Sue T. Reynolds. Deed Gift.

• Howard L. Roark to Amie Docherty, 83 AC, Lewiston District. $150,000.

• Michael E. Ryan to Andrea Leigh Sisson. Deed Gift.

• Antwon Streat to William Edward Marshall. Deed Gift.

• Donald R. Sutherland to Zackary Dickerson, 2 Parcels, Town of Victoria. $160,000.

• Ernestine H, Taylor to Ernestine Taylor. Deed Gift.

• Lewis G. Tucker to Suzanne L. Gonzalez, 39.68 AC, Pleasant Grove District. $160,000.

• Lisa E. Vinson to Joseph M. Crosby. $22,000.

• James S. Weis to Judy R. Parrish. $71,400.

• Betty W. Wilson to Cynthia M. Bennington, 8.52 AC, Lewiston District. $25,200.