The Word: Take heart, God is right beside you

Published 11:20 am Friday, February 3, 2023

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Rev. J. Cameron Bailey

Rudy Francisco was recorded giving a motivational speech titled “Complainers” and said the following (paraphrasing some): On May 26, 2003, Aron Ralston got his arm caught in a bolder. Four days later he cut off his own arm in order to save his own life and be set free. A woman in Zimbabwe on New Years Eve was bungee jumping when her cord snapped. She then swam across crocodile filled waters with a broken collarbone. Claire Champlin was smashed in the face by a five pound watermelon launched with a slingshot. Matthew Brobst was hit by a javelin.

David Striegal was punched in the mouth by a kangaroo. The most amazing part about all these stories is that when they were asked about their experience… they all smiled and shrugged and said “It could have been worse.”

Have you had a bad day? Was traffic crazy and backed up? Were the lines at the store long? Was the cashier inexperienced or slow or grumpy? Is your boss being hard to deal with? Are the “kids” not listening? Was your meal served not as you ordered it? Did you have to eat leftovers tonight?

We sure can get hung up on small things that irritate us and allow these moments that though others say are small or insignificant to ruin our day and rob our joy for the moment. Guess what….“It could have been worse.”

Did you know that two million people die each year of dehydration? And yet, we wish to argue if the cup is half full or half empty instead of simply being grateful that we have a dag gone cup with something inside to give nourishment.

Wow. How’s all this for a slap in the face? We truly are blessed way more than we deserve but we allow inconveniences and irritations to ruin our day. We all have bad days. We all have trying times. We all have frustrations. We all have worries, anxieties, irritants, frustrations, sorrows, losses, hurts, pains, issues. All of us. Every. Single. One of us. But hey… “It could always be worse”.

Soak this phrase in: “Never will I leave you. Never will I forsake you.” In Hebrews 13:5b and in Deuteronomy 31:6, God promises that He is always right where we need Him. In Joshua 1:9 we are told to be strong and courageous, that God is with us wherever we go. No matter what you’re going through right now…it could always be worse. BUT TAKE HEART!

God is right beside you. He ain’t going anywhere. No matter what you’re facing… He’s right here waiting. Cry out to Him. Trust Him. He’s got this.

Rev. J. Cameron Bailey is pastor of Kenbridge Christian Church. He can be reached at