Tommy Wright: Parents matter

Published 12:00 pm Friday, March 17, 2023

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Tommy WrightGovernor Youngkin was on CNN Thursday, taking part in an education town hall with Jake Tapper. Based on reaction from Virginia Democrats, he did very well: they all seem to be losing their minds over his performance.

The Governor summed up the Republican view well: Parents should not only have a seat at the education table, but the head seat at that table.Children are the responsibility of their parents in all ways. That includes what they learn in school, what they’re exposed to in school, and the standards that are set for them in those schools.

We passed bills that would have let parents opt their kids out of checking out sexually graphic materials from school libraries. Democrats killed it.

We blocked legislation that would have let kids get transgender treatments without alerting their parents.

Democrats killed our bill to protect girls’ sports by setting it aside for biological females.

They killed bills that simply would have let parents see the curriculum their students are using.

They killed a bill that would have required students to learn about the horrors of communism, and a bill that would have required high school students to pass the citizenship test before they graduate.

We passed bills that would have put teachers back in charge of their classrooms. They would have been able to remove a violent student, rather than “clear the classroom.” Senate Dems killed it.

We had a bill that would have made the schools spend their pandemic money on learning loss faster. They killed it.

Despite Democratic claims to the contrary, no school system is getting any less money than they expected. They’re actually getting more.Parents matter, and Republicans recognize and honor that truth. Our budget keeps the promise we made to Virginians: building better schools, safer communities, and a more prosperous future for every Virginian!

Del. Tommy Wright can be reached via email at or (804) 698-1061.