‘Time for Fresh Representation’: John Marsden files for state seat

Published 9:31 pm Wednesday, March 29, 2023

John Marsden is running for the District 50 seat in the House of Delegates. The former Prince Edward County GOP Chairman made the announcement Wednesday, March 29, saying it’s time for a fresh start. 

“With this new district, it is time for fresh representation,” Marsden said. “I am running to represent the 50th district because we deserve more than career politicians who spend decades in office while our area continues to lose out; by losing jobs, population, and having our citizens and businesses struggle without basic modern infrastructure.”

The 43-year-old attorney and small business owner will challenge in a newly created district consisting of Lunenburg, Charlotte and Mecklenburg counties, along with a portion of Halifax County and the majority of Prince Edward County. 

Marsden pointed out that with the February 24 announcement by 60th District Delegate James Edmunds that he will not seek re-election, no one who has ever represented the majority of 50th District voters will be on the ballot in 2023.

Marsden said he would be first and foremost a strong advocate for Southside Virginia, as the region experiences decreased representation in the legislature after the 2021 redistricting.

“With population loss and the accompanying loss of a seat in the House of Delegates, Southside needs a stronger advocate,” Marsden said. “Our voices are fewer in number, they must be stronger. As a lawyer, I advocate for people’s interests for a living. Every day I am their voice, often in the most difficult times of their lives, and I want to put that advocacy skill to work, for our area and its families, in Richmond.”

Marsden also pledges to be a leader on issues that matter to voters of Southside Virginia. 

“On the conservative values that matter to us, it is imperative we nominate someone who isn’t content to follow other legislators, but who will personally take the lead in the fight to create jobs, support family values, protect the unborn, and defend our Constitution, including the Second Amendment and civil liberties,” Marsden said. “We need a leader not a follower.”

John Marsden looks ahead

“I look forward to the campaign and want to thank the many citizens of the district who urged me to run for the House of Delegates and have supported my campaign thus far,” Marsden added.

On March 20, the first day to qualify for the June primaries, Marsden turned in more than the required number of signatures to appear on the Republican primary ballot June 20. 

“I am truly humbled and honored by the support that I have received,” Marsden said. “It has allowed me to qualify for the ballot after only a few days.”

Support has also extended to an outpouring of financial support for his candidacy, Marsden added. 

“I am very pleased to announce that I can begin my campaign having, after less than a week, raised more than twice the amount other candidates raised all last year,” he said. “The generous support of dedicated individuals shows that Southside Virginia has a desire to have a change for the better, and be represented by strong, vocal leadership in Richmond going forward.”