Treasures on the Shelves: Busy times

Published 4:00 pm Friday, April 21, 2023

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Treasures on the shelvesWow! As I sit here to write, it has really been a full week! It all started with Easter Sunday! There were sunrise breakfasts, church services, lunch at Grammie’s, egg hunts, and on and on. Later in the week there were all day doctor visits. The next day was a trip to the airport, to see a son off on his way to the other side of the country! (Mama is still sniffling!) And let’s not forget work!

Yes, it has been a busy week. And that is okay. It is a busy time of year. Spring is in the air! Flowers are blooming and trees are budding! Things are on the move! And so are people. It is the time of year that people want to get outside and do stuff. Kids are playing ball. People are planting gardens. It is time to cut the grass! Yuck! The beach is looking more inviting all the time!

In the middle of all of this, we have the library. Just because you can now get out and do stuff does not mean that you forget the library. We have books on anything you want to do. Gardening? We have it! Sports! You bet! Nature? Absolutely! You name it, we got it! One of my co-workers handed me a book about the history of/and playing the ukulele! I love the ukulele! In fact, if you are interested in starting a ukulele group, call me! We can meet at the library!

Of course, there will always be time to just sit and enjoy a good book. Maybe you want to sit in the shade of a nice tree and read. Maybe you like to read in bed before you go to sleep. There is always the summer trip to sit by the lake or ocean with a good book.

The library is here year round to meet your needs and spark your interest. There is never a bad time to visit the library and pick out a good book.

Be good!

J.B. Crenshaw is the library director for Lunenburg County Public Library System. He can be reached at