News Briefs for the week of April 29, 2023: CHS Prom, PTSD, DAR and more

Published 10:27 am Saturday, April 29, 2023

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Take me to Paris 

CHS PromCentral High School held its Junior and Senior Prom on Saturday, April 22. Students were transported to a Parisian cityscape for a night to remember. Students chose Cesar Olmeda-Vazquez as Prom King and Aloha Acors as Prom Queen.



Did you know?

Post-traumatic stress disorder is more prevalent than people may realize. According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, roughly 5 percent of adults in the United States experiences PTSD in any given year. The VA reports that women are more likely to develop PTSD than men, with around eight in every 100 women experiencing the condition compared to four in every 100 men. That disparity is partly attributable to the types of traumatic events that women are more likely to experience than men, such as sexual assault. PTSD can develop after an individual goes through or witnesses a life-threatening event. Though the VA notes it’s normal to experience stress reactions after such events, it’s also typical for people to begin feeling better after a few weeks or months. When individuals experience stress reactions that last longer than a few months, they might have PTSD and should contact a physician immediately.

DAR group welcomed Martha Washington

DARBrenda Edwards-Wade of Kenbridge portrayed Martha Washington at the April meeting of the William Taylor Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. As the wife of George Washington, she provided interesting insights into their personal relationship, as well as his leadership role in the American Revolution and the founding of the United States. Ms. Wade is shown here with DAR Chapter Regent Linda Bagley of Kenbridge. The meeting took place at the Victoria Public Library.