Central stock market team bring placed at state

Published 12:04 pm Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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The stock market can be confusing and intimidating for many people. This is not the case for the Central High School stock market team this year as they have placed three teams at the state level.

In the fall, Isiah Brooks, Jaden Lee, Hope Freegard and Anthony Inzeo won first place in the state competition. Central brought home another win that season with Jacob Morris, Maurice Lee, Tevin Redd and Lyric White winning third place. These teams won against over 677 teams from 53 high schools. 

For the spring competition, Central High brought home another win. Hayden Gary, Isaac Newcomb, Brandon Smith and Chase Lloyd won second place in the state against 1,176 teams from 102 high schools.

“This is a really big accomplishment for the students who participated as well as the school to receive this recognition,” said James Buchanan, the marketing instructor.

How do these competitions work?

For these competitions, the teams are made up of four students. According to Buchanan, Central had 16 teams of four in the spring competition. Each team of four is given $100,000 of fake money to use in the stock simulator. For 10 weeks, the team monitors their investments and makes changes accordingly. At the end of the 10 weeks, the team that earned the most with the fake $100,00 is declared the winner. 

The competition starts about a month into the semester. To prepare, Buchanan spends that first month teaching about how to research stocks and what to know so they can take that knowledge with them into the simulator. 

According to Buchanan, participating in these competitions and learning these stock trading skills can provide many opportunities for students to take with them after graduation.

“Even though they more than likely won’t have $100,000 to invest, they will have opportunities to invest smaller amounts and use this knowledge to increase their chances of making good investments and grow their personal wealth,” said Buchanan. 

These skills can also open doors for many career opportunities. The students can work in finances, as brokers, in banks and advise others. Whether the students choose to put this knowledge into action personally or professionally, they have a bright future ahead of them.