Lunenburg County Property Transfers: February 2023

Published 3:34 pm Thursday, June 29, 2023

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Following are the property transfers recorded in the Lunenburg County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of February. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• ALG Trustee LLC to William B Taylor, 4 AC, Pleasant Grove District. $79,907.58.

• Wellington Bacon Jr. to Jordan Spiers. Deed Gift.

• Linwood Barnes Jr. to Elaundra Gonzalez. $11,000.

• Walter W. Cumbea to Lisa C. Barnes. Deed Gift.

• Walter Wray Cumbea to Kevin Wray Cumbea. Deed Gift.

• Rodger C. Delp to Jason D. Moses, 1.50 AC, Plymouth District. $59,200.

• Paul B. Ellington to Tonji Cook. $10,000.

• James A Attorney At Law Evans to JRG Investment LLC, Parcel, Pleasant Grove District. $125,000.

• Sandy M. Floyd to Jeffrey Quate. $43,000.

• Robert D. Foley to Jonathan D. Shelton, 5 AC, Lewiston District. $140,000.

• Shirley N. Fowlkes to Maureen Tull, 3.512 AC, Lewiston District. $13,900.

• Loretta Gant to Mary Ann Lloyd. $165,000.

• Linda J. Gorhan to Henry A. Fitzwater, 27.14 AC, Lewiston District. $315,000.

• Harry Lee Jones Jr. to Tneeka M. Seward. Deed Gift.

• Joshua B. Hatchell as Administrator to Sherilyn M. Ellis, Parcels, Victoria. $178,770.

• John M. Kingsbury to Brian G. Bell, 12 AC, Rehoboth District. $400,00.

• Mary Ann Lloyd to Mary Ann Lloyd. Deed Gift.

• Mapple Grove LLC to True North Tobacco Trading LLC, 3.51 AC, Town of Victoria. $192,500.

• Sadie M. Mason to Dean Lamar Reinford, Lot, Victoria. $95,000.

• Wayne J. Parrish to W Jeffrey Parrish II, 3 AC, Lochleven District. $7,500.

• Wayne J. Parrish to Lauren S. Castillo, Lochleven District. $7,500.

• Wayne J. Parrish to Phillip E. Smith, 43.945 AC, Lochleven District. $91,250.

• Wayne J. Parrish to W. Jeffrey Parrish, 43.945 AC. $91,250.

• Janice L. Seagle to Douglas Wade Seagle, 41.76 AC, Pleasant Grove District. $125,000.

• Mattie T. Simmons to US Hardwoods LLC, 2.69 AC, Lunenburg County, $11,500.

• Roland J. Trammell to Shan’Tariah Rawlings Coleman. $23,900.

• Paula K. Waltinton to Paula K. Waltinton, 49.73 AC, Rehoboth District. $81,000.

• Albert C. Watson Jr. to Daryle A. Bailey, Parcels, Rehoboth District. $36,500.

• Hilda F. Wittington to Mack D. Barnes, 8.23 AC, Pleasant Grove District. $10,000.

• William R. Whittington to Hilda F. Whittington. Deed Gift.