Piedmont Health offers vaccination walk-ins

Published 3:38 pm Thursday, September 28, 2023

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Back to school and cooler weather mark the start of a new season. Not just fall, but cold and flu season. 

To prepare, the Piedmont Health District is offering updated influenza (flu) and COVID-19 vaccines at regularly scheduled walk-in clinics. These vaccines will be available at the local health department vaccination clinics from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Mondays at Charlotte and Nottoway, Tuesdays at Lunenburg and Prince Edward, Wednesday at Amelia and Cumberland and Thursdays at Buckingham.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends both vaccines for everyone ages six months and older to stay protected against COVID-19 and the flu this fall and winter season. The updated COVID-19 2023-2024 monovalent Moderna and Pfizer vaccines were approved earlier this month by the U.S. Food and Drug Association (FDA). 

“The updated COVID-19 vaccines will add another layer of protection this fall and winter against the most recent variants,” said Piedmont Health District Director Maria Almond, MD, MPH. “Speak with your healthcare provider about which fall vaccines are recommended for you.”

During the vaccination clinics, the COVID-19 2023-2024 Moderna vaccine will be available for everyone six months old and older. The Pfizer vaccine isn’t available for local health departments at this time and the Piedmont Health District plans to have the Moderna vaccine in stock by the middle of October. For those unable or who choose not to receive an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, the Piedmont Health District is planning to provide the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine once the updated version has been fully approved.

The health department will also offer regular and high-dose flu vaccines. Yearly flu shots are also recommended for those six months and up. Anyone 65 years and older should receive high-dose flu shots. For anyone interested in both shots, it is safe to receive the COVID-19 and flu vaccines at the same time.

“Those who are most at risk for serious outcomes with COVID-19 or flu infection, including our seniors, the immunocompromised, those with multiple health concerns and people who are pregnant, should obtain the updated COVID-19 and flu vaccines,” said Almond

The Piedmont Health District recommends calling your local health department to schedule an appointment, but walk-ins are welcome. Make sure to bring your health insurance, Medicaid or Medicare cards. COVID-19 and flu vaccines will be provided at no cost to most through their health insurance and those uninsured or underinsured should call their local health department to find out their options.

According to the Piedmont Health District, most large retail pharmacies expect to have COVID-19 vaccines in stock by the end of this week or next week and cannot vaccinate children younger than three years old and may only be vaccinating older children and adults. They encourage those interested to call ahead to find out about which vaccines will be offered and when to schedule an appointment.

For more information, visit the CDC or Virginia Department of Health websites or follow the Piedmont Health District on Facebook.