Treasures on the Shelves: A time to celebrate the spooky aspects

Published 10:40 am Friday, October 6, 2023

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Treasures on the Shelves

Connie Krupa

October is that time of year when we celebrate not only the arrival of Autumn but also the spooky aspects of the world as this month moves towards November. The Victoria Public Library and Ripberger Library have hordes of weird stories and resources lurking on our library shelves. Get ready for chills and thrills!

For those who enjoy the classics, we have Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and on the juvenile shelves, you can find Mary Molds a Monster by Lisa Mullarkey. Two sixth graders assigned a class writing project find themselves in Switzerland in 1816 where Lord Byron and Mary and Percy Shelley are planning to write a scary story each- the trouble is Mary has writer’s block.

Just to reassure you that there are scares for all ages. Our junior readers can chill to R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series or the Saga of Darran Shan books. Share the boos with the younger patrons as well. Check out Angelina’s Halloween, Arthur’s Halloween, Froggy’s Halloween, Halloween Sky Ride, It’s Halloween Night! and Mouse’s Halloween Party, just to name a few.

Check the ooo’s and booos in our DVD collection. We have a Universal Classic Monsters Collection, and the Twilight series. Oldies but goodies. We have the Fear the Walking Dead dvds as well.

Connie Krupa is the children’s program coordinator for the Lunenburg County Public Library System. She can be reached at cckrupa@