A Box of Love: Let’s focus on gratitude

Published 2:01 pm Wednesday, November 22, 2023

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“O Lord, our Lord, how excellent is Thy name in all the earth! Who hast set Thy glory above the heavens.” — Psalm 8:1. 

A box of love

Mary Simmons

I jumped out of bed this morning and rushed to my computer to ask, “Are we thankful for the gifts Jesus has given us?” We answered, “Yes,” but are we truly grateful? 

What is the first thing we do after Jesus wakes us? Do we spend a few minutes with Him, thanking Him for our last night’s sleep, or do we get up and continue our usual tasks? When we take a bath or shower, are we complaining about the water or thankful that we have water to use? 

When we go into the kitchen and open our refrigerator, there is food, but we do not have what we want to eat. Are we grateful, or are we complaining when there is hunger? We have employment; are we thankful because we can work? When others have no job or cannot find one? 

Are we thankful for our homes? The homeless would gladly exchange places with us. 

Are we thankful for the clothing we wear? Do we take for granted that Jesus will supply our every need without thinking there is homelessness? 

We are blessed to have loved ones and friends to share in our joy. Are we willing to share with others? We can contribute in many ways; we can give our time, and many senior citizens need someone to run errands and just have a conversation. 

Love is the most important. Love has a productive effect on whoever or whatever it encounters. Every living thing wants love; for example, a plant, if we don’t water it’ll die of thirst; water it, and it survives. Love is like a boomerang that goes from one person to another. It is said “that love makes the world go around.” I genuinely believe it. 

Are we thankful for life? Are we trying to use whatever gift Jesus has given us? Whatever talent He has given us, are we willing to share? Often, we do not see ourselves as others see us and believe we have nothing to give, but we are wrong. Jesus has given each of us a talent, but it is up to us to cultivate and grow it. 

Jesus, we are thankful for the life you have given us, and we will try to use it in a more conducive way. 

I know what Jesus has done in my life. Jesus was there when I was going down a different road. I know because I have made many mistakes, but Jesus led me back and forgave me. We praise Jesus because He is an Awesome God who loves and forgives us when we ask. 

“I will praise Thee, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all Thy marvelous works.” — Psalm 9:1 

“I will be glad and rejoice in Thee; I will sing praise to Thy name, O Thou most High.” — Psalm 9:2. 

Be blessed in Jesus’ name. 

Mary Simmons is a columnist for The Kenbridge-Victoria Dispatch. She can be reached at aboxoflove37@gmail.com.