Centennial House Tour set

Published 5:01 pm Thursday, November 30, 2023

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The home of Robert and Diana Clement is built around the original 27-foot by 27-foot home assembled by Robert’s maternal grandfather, A. W. Breedlove, 100 years ago in 1923. The home as pictured today is based on Robert’s childhood dreams of how the original house might be remodeled, creating a Georgian style brick home with two single-story wings. In the process, the original 1458-square-foot house was transformed to about 4,700 square feet, plus a full attic, basement and garage. 

Residents will be able to take a walk through the Clement home as part of the upcoming Centennial House Tour. In addition to the main house, a log cabin in the yard also awaits. Robert Clement, who had served Lunenburg County as its Commonwealth’s Attorney since 1981, retired from the post in 2021. Shortly after his retirement, Clement with great assistance from friends and neighbors, built a small log cabin that wife Diana had long desired. He used oak logs about 140 years old from an old tobacco barn of his friend, A.H. Moses. Tier poles from Robert’s grandfather’s tobacco barn were also used. 

Proceeds from the tour will enable the Lunenburg County Historical Society in completing projects of new gateway signs at several entrances into Lunenburg, a specialized genealogical library for the county, and the reconstruction of a one-room Lunenburg school. Admission of $10 will be collected at the beginning of the tour.