The Word: No matter what, I’m still me

Published 2:51 pm Friday, January 19, 2024

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“I said to myself, “Self,” (And I knew it was me ‘cause I recognized my voice, and I was wearing my underwear) “Today is going to be a good day!” -Unknown. 

The other day I looked in the review mirror and saw something that looked like tinsel or glitter right in my hair near my left temple. I couldn’t get it to brush out…then it dawned on me…that’s just a white hair. What the heck!? My goatee the other day also had something in it. I thought maybe it was crumbs from something I ate, but the more I brushed it off the more I realized it was just a ton of white hairs. You know what this means? I don’t have my moms dark hair. Ever since I can remember, my dad has had white and grey hair. My mom? Hardly any. Don’t go thinking or listening to my father when he says silly mess like “that’s because she caused my hair to turn and I have never given her any stress”. If you know my parents…you know this to be a farce. 

I’m now 45 years young. I’m a type one diabetic since I was a “kid”. I am overweight. I have white hair starting to pop like crazy. And…I love it. I ain’t about to use any hair dye because I personally think it makes me look more sophisticated. I may be aging. I may be falling apart. I may be overworked and worn out. But…I’m still me. I still like making comments on a public platform that embarrass my mom (she doesn’t like my illustrations about poop or burping or “farting” or anything…and she’s probably embarrassed that the opening quote says “underwear”, but she’s a freaking rock star and the sweetest woman I know.). I wake up each day and kiss the love of my life and ask her “can we quit yet” and she always says “no”. I would love to sell everything, buy a camper and just travel. But…that ain’t happening. I have no clue what the future holds. I couldn’t care less how much time God will continue to allow me to live on this earth. I am ready whenever He is but I ain’t rushing the process. What I do know is this: I’m still me. I recognize my voice still and I’m still wearing my own underwear. And I know each day will be as good as I make it. So…I live each day for God and strive to be the good needed. I struggle. I have anger issues. I hurt. But…I’m still HIS and I’m still me. Isaiah 46:4. 

Rev. J. Cameron Bailey is pastor of Kenbridge Christian Church. He can be reached at