The Word: It’s a time to love strong

Published 10:00 am Friday, April 5, 2024

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I read this hilarious quote from an unknown source last week: “When a child says ‘daddy, I want to talk to mommy’ that’s the kid version of ‘I’d like to speak to your supervisor’.” Reader’s Digest quoted a man named Keith Chambers saying, “As my wife and I prepared for our garage sale, I came across a painting. Looking at the back, I discovered that I had written “To my beautiful wife on our fifth anniversary. I love you … Keith.” Feeling nostalgic about a gift I’d given her 25 years earlier, I showed it to her, thinking we should rehang the picture. After gazing at my message for a few seconds, she replied, “You know, I think a black marker would cover over all that so that we could sell it.” 

I can’t answer for others who are married, but as for myself, I’m lost without my bride. She’s my calm, my voice of reason, and she fills me to overflowing. She makes me smile and is my favorite sound, smell, sight, and much more. Recently I was overloaded and overwhelmed and I simply buried my head in her neck and sobbed. She gets me. The crazy thing is…she feels the same way (don’t believe me? She proofread this and didn’t delete anything). 

A total of 2.24 million weddings were conducted last year which was a drop from the nearly 2.5 million record in 2022. 33% of all first marriages end within the first 10 years. My Hollie Anne and I are in our 26th year of marriage and I love her more today than ever. How do we make it work? We enjoy spending time together. We couldn’t care less about partying or going out. We have more fun sitting side by side with our four dogs and watching jeopardy together. Does she ever get on my nerves? Occasionally. Do I ever get on her nerves? Have you ever met me? I get on my own nerves! We are two imperfect people who are perfect for each other. 

The key to staying together and not considering any other way….is we keep God at the front of all we do and we have never stopped dating. We spoil each other. Marriage isn’t 50/50…It’s 100/100 where we constantly pour into one another to make sure the other is cared for and full. 1 Corinthians 13 tells of the love needed. Romans 12:9 says “love must be sincere”. Love is an action. Invest in each other! Date each other. It’s worth every penny. Love strong! The same goes with your relationship with God. To keep the love strong and too grow you’ve got to spend time with HIM. 

Rev. J. Cameron Bailey is pastor of Kenbridge Christian Church. He can be reached at