Good introduces Apprenticeship Act

Published 2:00 pm Thursday, May 9, 2024

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Congressman Bob Good (VA-05) introduced the Apprenticeship Freedom Act this week. Currently, 83% of apprenticeship programs in America are run by business owners but are subject to strict government regulations in order to receive funding. Good argues this legislation would reduce federal interference and allow employers to have more say in how they run their own apprenticeship programs. 

“Apprenticeships are crucial for shaping the American workforce, especially in the Commonwealth of Virginia,” said Good. “Unfortunately, President Biden’s Department of Labor currently dictates how these valuable programs are run. My bill restores power to small business owners and curbs the power of Washington bureaucrats. American employers know what is best for their businesses, including how to develop the skills their workforce needs to be successful.” 

Currently, there are 27,000 apprenticeship programs registered with the Department of Labor, with Virginia boasting the highest active number at 2,845. Good argues the Apprenticeship Freedom Act would increase opportunities for employers seeking to contribute to the workforce, giving them the flexibility to utilize these programs and develop skilled employees.