Peggy Hurt memorial to be dedicated in Kenbridge

“I don’t think you should forget people,” said Kenbridge native Jennifer Eskew. That was a driving force behind why Eskew knew she had to spearhead having a memorial to the late Peggie Hurt.

Hurt, a Lunenburg native was working at the Pentagon during the September 9/11 attack and lost her life during her service there to the country that day.

“That was a tremendous tragedy and there should be something to remember about people like her.”

Eskew, who was called in to investigate the scene at the Pentagon following the attacks learned that Hurt was working at the Pentagon and was killed on that fateful day.

“We lived right around the corner from each other and sort of grew up together and to think that someone from your hometown had gotten killed was very hard to hear,” Eskew said,

According to Eskew, it has taken two years from the idea to the placement of the memorial.

Peggy Hurt MemorialNow, erect, the Town of Kenbridge plans to hold a dedication ceremony on Sunday, July 23 at 2 p.m. to officially mark the placement of the 9/11 Peggie Maxine Hurt Memorial and new Memorial Garden.

The memorial is placed in front of the Kenbridge Town Hall and will be a symbol to not only remember Hurt but the memories of fallen veterans, firefighters, EMS and police officers.

“The memorial is significant to the town to keep the memory of those lost as well as the freedoms that we are blessed to have still, because of the sacrifice of those who have given all.,” Matthew said.

According to Matthews, the memorial stone will be surrounded by stepping stones etched with the memories of fallen veterans, firefighters, EMS and police officers. “Martin Monument will be doing the etching work and forms should be available very soon so that citizens may order a memorial stone to add to the monument area honoring all those who serve,” Matthews said.