Students get prepared

One of the most important parts of dealing with an emergency is being prepared. And the Commonwealth Regional Council (CRC) is helping Lunenburg schools do just that, through some supplies. 

The CRC has donated a number of FEMA Emergency Preparedness Activity Books for second grade students in the district. Lauren Jones, representing CRC, delivered the books to Stacey Newton, LCPS Coordinator of Administrative Services. Subsequently, Stacey Newton presented the books to second graders at Kenbridge and Victoria Elementary Schools before Spring Break. This initiative allowed students to take the books home and engage in activities with their families during the break.

Titled “Prepare with Pedro”, the book delves into various emergency scenarios and educates readers on appropriate response and preparedness measures. Aligned with LCPS emergency procedures, these booklets feature engaging activities aimed at reinforcing knowledge about handling many different emergency situations. LCPS extends its gratitude to CRC for their thoughtful contribution to the education and safety of our second-grade students.