Kenbridge Farmers Market enters a new season

Farmers markets have long been a sign of spring and warmer weather, offering fresh produce, handcrafted pastries, arts and crafts, and other unique items. Perhaps most importantly, it provides a safe, fun place to gather with friends and family while getting to know others within the community. And now there’s an opportunity once again to do that in Kenbridge. The season for the Kenbridge Farmers Market started on Saturday, May 4, right across from the Spring Festival.

We spoke with Market Director Sarah Daniel about the upcoming season, and we’re told there aren’t any major changes this season – but there will, hopefully, be more eggs available than in previous years.

“Most of our customers love to purchase eggs,” Daniel said. “Hopefully I have obtained a vendor that will provide us with eggs on a weekly basis.”

When asked what types of products folks will be able to find at this year’s market, Daniel added it’s “mostly vegetables, fruits, and baked goods. From time to time, you might have honey, jellies, jams and also crafts.”

This marks Daniel’s third year as market director and her goals are to build up the program, recruit more vendors and hopefully help the community grow in the process. It’s important to Daniels to foster a friendly atmosphere for people to fellowship. 

“We are a small town,” she said. “Hopefully, with advertising on social media, and word of mouth, our Farmers Market and especially our town will continue to grow!”

Kenbridge Farmers Market has openings

If you or someone you know may be interested in setting up a table at the Kenbridge Farmers Market, you’re in luck. There is availability for six additional vendors this season. Vendor spaces are $5 per day, or $75 per season. As for when it’s open, the Farmers Market runs every Saturday through October, from 8:30 a.m. until noon each week. The market is located next to the town office at the corner of Fifth Ave and Maple St.

For more information, you can reach Sarah Daniel at, or call 434-676-2452.