Bus 18 delayed for Lunenburg after weather-related accident

The route was delayed a little bit this morning for Bus 18. Lunenburg County Public Schools officials announced on Friday that students would get picked up and arrive at school a little later than normal, thanks to a weather-related accident. 

“Due to the extreme rainfall recently and the very soft roadway shoulders that have resulted, Bus 18 slid into the ditch as it was pulling out of the driveway this morning,” school officials said in a statement. 

Rain had been coming down since late Thursday night at a steady pace, with more popping up on Friday. It made roads slick all over the county.

No students were on the bus at that point and after getting out of the ditch, Bus 18 went on about the route, with little damage from the weather-related accident. District officials apologized for the delays and thanked people for their patience.