Poorhouse Solar gets extension from Victoria Town Council

Back in May 2021, the Victoria Town Council signed off on a specific solar project. This was for a facility located at 2188 Poorhouse Road, with a conditional use permit given to 6th Street Solar. There were some conditions attached for Poorhouse Solar, however.

The conditional use permit was given at the time for a three-year period. Basically work was supposed to be finished and the project moving forward towards operation by May 2024. Well, here we are in May 2024 and the Poorhouse Solar Project is actually just getting started. As a result, 6th Street officials reached out to the Town of Victoria staff, asking for an extension.

According to Victoria Town Manager Rodney Newton, the land disturbance permit was only issued this month and an actual building permit won’t be given out for the project for at least two to three more. As May marks the 36th month on the conditional use permit already issued, the Victoria town council had to make a decision. They could extend the permit, demand construction speeds up or do nothing and just let the permit expire.

According to Newton, 6th Street staff expect to have the entire project completed within the next seven months. He suggested a 12-month extension to the conditional use permit, stretching it out until May 2025. Town Council members took a vote during their Tuesday, May 14 meeting on that proposal. The motion was made by council member Johnnie Brame, to go with Newton’s 12-month proposed extension. That motion was seconded by council member Chris Gill, with the rest of the group in support.