Jesus is my all

Published 12:06 pm Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Last week I wrote about being “Angry with God” and someone said why would you let everyone know that you were angry with God because it seems to minimize your faith. I guess they felt as a Christian, I should trust God in all things (I do) and realize that He will always provide my needs (I do). I listened to what they had to say and then I responded. I am not perfect, nor have I ever professed to be. I get angry sometimes but I believe if I am angry with God I have a right to tell Him I am angry, even though He already knows how I feel.

God says come to Him boldly and that is what I did. I wasn’t disrespectful, I only said what was on my heart. There was a time I was truly angry but after talking with Him I now have a peace that I have not had in years.

Sometimes we think when we become Christians our lives will be easier, that all our troubles will disappear. Well that’s not so because being a Christian lets the devil know that he has to work even harder to win your soul, and so he seems to throw everything including the kitchen sink at you. He knows that our minds are fixated on Jesus, but he also knows if he can sneak in there silently he can cause all kind of disruptions. If we are not careful the devil will slip in so quickly that you will not know what happened until it is too late.

I love reading the Psalms because when David cried out to the Lord for help, help was always there; God is always there listening. For instance, Psalm 6:2 “Have mercy upon me, O Lord; for I am weak; O Lord, heal me; for my bones are vexed.” I also cried unto the Lord for healing.

Being a Christian is not being perfect, it’s just about loving the Lord and trying to follow His ways. Being a Christian does not mean you will never make mistakes, you will never lose your temper, you will never act just a little crazy, because sometimes you will. I can attest to it. But what being a Christian does mean is that you must display your love of the Lord with action versus just words. It means daily you must try to be better, treat people better and love the Lord better. God is my All, He is my Savior, my Father, my Friend, my Forgiver of sins and my Judge. Every day I work on being better but if I get a little bit angry then I discuss it with the Lord so that I can have peace of mind and move on to where He wants me to be. Be bless in Jesus’ name.

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