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COVID-19 cases spike

Lunenburg County is seeing a COVID-19 spike right now. The same goes for most of the Piedmont Health ...

Lunenburg County Public schools weather-related accident


Budget hearing coming up for Lunenburg County Public Schools

What should the priorities be for this year’s budget for Lunenburg County Public Schools? Does the district need ...


Pediatric COVID booster now available

Parents of young children in the Commonwealth are now able to seek a free bivalent pediatric COVID-19 booster ...


Hundreds turn out for Pulling in the Park

Saturday’s annual “Pulling in the Park” saw a packed house come out to witness a diverse group of ...


CDC keeps eye on new COVID strain

Just as a slight decline in COVID-19 cases has been seen in the past month, the Centers for Disease ...


Bivalent boosters now offered at Lunenburg health departments

The Piedmont Health District is now offering the updated, FDA-approved COVID-19 bivalent boosters. The boosters offered include Pfizer-BioNTech ...


Boosters targeting two COVID strains

On Aug. 31, the FDA authorized the use of a bivalent mRNA vaccine for booster doses for those ...


Health department releases vaccination form

On Friday, Aug. 26 the Piedmont Health District released an online monkeypox vaccination interest form for anyone interested ...


CDC reduces quarantine after exposure

After two and a half years of issuing guidelines for mask wearing and quarantine times in an effort ...


No mask required

Lunenburg County Public Schools (LCPS) will open its doors to students on Monday, Aug. 15, with optional face ...

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